In a Job Interview, Ask Great Questions Early to Sell Yourself Effectively

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your questions at the beginning of the job interview? Most candidates don’t ask questions until the end.

Why would this be a good idea? It would help you address the things that are most important to the interviewer all throughout your visit.

We teach our clients to seed their questions right at the end of your opening statement. Finish your one minute value proposition like this:

“I’m eager to learn what the biggest challenges your organization has. Then, I can specifically address how my experience and skills can help you overcome them.”

The interviewer will still ask their questions.  But, in the framework of your answers, you can ask a follow up question. You want to ascertain how that ties into the job. Then, you can address their hot button issues more directly.

A job interview is very similar to a sales consultation and candidates sell their services to the buyer, or the employer. It’s difficult to sell anything if you don’t know what they need. Top performing sales professionals ask good questions to understand the buyer’s needs and challenges.

As a candidate for a job, it’s important to spend your time directly addressing their needs at every opportunity. Avoid rambling on about things in which the interviewer is not very interested. Uncover these needs early in the process. Ideally, you should do this even before the interview. Ask the recruiter, or the person setting up the interview, these same questions.

Candidates usually ask questions near the end of an interview. If you wait until the end it might be too late to address the employers needs. Make the interview a back and forth dialogue versus a one-way interrogation.

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