Whoever said, “Don’t sweat the little things,” must have never entered into employment contract negotiations. Employment Contract Negotiation Effective contract negotiation drives value for an employment agreement even if it’s just one small thing. One small thing often changes the entire dynamic of a negotiation process leading to a positive ROI. What is that one … Continued

Our Client’s Story “I’m waiting to hear back on an opportunity where I interviewed,” the prospective client shared with me. “If that doesn’t pan out I’m definitely going to work with you.” “Sounds reasonable,” I replied. “If I may ask, where are you in the interview process with this other opportunity?” If he was just … Continued

“I have the worst luck in the world when it comes to jobs,” the new client shared. “The past 4 companies have either been full of horrible people or going through terrible financial times.” He shared this with me to explain why he had worked in 5 different places in the last 7 years. It … Continued

“I’ve applied to over 500 jobs in the last 8 months,” she shared. “I’ve kept track of everything. Fewer than 10% even acknowledged my application. This is crazy.” Her company reorganized earlier in the year. She was one of the executives who was downsized. The frustration just poured out in our initial call. “Here’s what … Continued

There is no doubt interview skills take work to master.  How would you rank your interview skills? Our Client’s iNTERVIEW SKILLS Story “I thought I was pretty darn good at interviewing,” he said. “I’m not sure what’s happening. It seems like they all go really well. But I’m not getting the job.” I originally spoke … Continued

The last several months came and went while you looked for a new job. There were likely some interviews, though not likely as many as you wanted. Maybe there was a job offer or two but just not the right one. Is it time for a new approach? If you’re sending out multiple resumes per … Continued

Endeavor Agency recently helped a downsized employee who was not happy with outplacement services offered by her previous employer. “It was a waste of my time,” she said. “I don’t know why they bothered spending money on those services. It was just one more insult.” It’s never a joy to go through a downsizing. This … Continued

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ask your questions at the beginning of the job interview? Most candidates don’t ask questions until the end. Why would this be a good idea? It would help you address the things that are most important to the interviewer all throughout your visit. We teach our clients to … Continued

Most job seekers miss seeing bigger opportunities because they apply to only posted jobs. Nearly 80% of all jobs are filled without ever being publicly advertised through word of mouth. However, candidates routinely limit themselves by chasing the same ones everyone else sees. Right away they are in direct competition with hundreds of other job … Continued

If you want to succeed in nearly anything, it requires taking some chances. You must overcome the fear of hearing “No” and ask for opportunities. Until you hear “No” three times, you haven’t asked enough. It’s called the “Rule of 3 No’s.” Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of the Girl Scouts, talked about this powerful rule … Continued

There’s a powerful charge of positive energy when you help a friend with job referrals, or even just friendly gestures. Simple things can add tremendous benefit to the giver of the help or referral. Holding a door open for someone at the store, giving a colleague a ride to the repair shop to retrieve their … Continued

When we hear the word networking, our brains tend to think of the people we already know or to whom we have a connection. In our lives and careers, we reach out to this group of people for help and they do the same in turn. There are many subgroups in your network. Family members … Continued

For those who don’t have a background image on your LinkedIn profile, it shows up as a light blue band of nothingness. This is prime marketing real estate. Use this empty space to your full advantage in your job search. Most of the surveys we’ve seen about how viewers look at LinkedIn show they spend … Continued