Career coaching shares many similarities with working with a personal trainer in fitness. Our client’s CAREER COACHING story “What are your thoughts about our process, now that you know the details?” It’s a common question we ask new clients at the end of our initial client consult. “It reminds me a lot of working out … Continued

C.F.O. used the outplacement funds provided by his former company to work with Endeavor Agency for outplacement services. Our Client’s story “We spoke a few years ago,” the CFO sad when we visited on the phone. “I don’t know if you remember me.” “Yes, I do,” I said. “I believe you took a job with … Continued

Define your value effectively in the interview and you will improve your outcomes in contract negotiations. our client’s story “This negotiation went so much better than the last time I went through it,” my client shared. “The previous company had no interest in negotiating at all. In fact, they gave me 24 hours to decide … Continued

Effective job interviews begin with asking great questions. Uncover their needs and challenges. Then, paint yourself into their picture as the solution for a happy ending to their story. ouR Client’s Story A client called me with some exciting news. “Remember that company where I interviewed about a month ago but the went with someone … Continued

Carefully read and analyze the job description to improve your odds of success in the interview. job descriptions provide clue for interviews “What jumped out at you from the job description?” I asked my client in the interview prep session. “What do you mean?” he asks. “Were there specific items that seemed important to the … Continued

Many employers use parameters for candidate qualifications that are too specific. They build in their own biases to the process and often yield bad results in their hiring process. overly specific candidate qualifications “I need an executive with at least 10 years experience in this specific niche,” the recruiter shares with me. “Also, they need … Continued

career growth comes from planting seeds “I think I would like to set up a time to visit with you,” the message said. “I left my last company a few months ago and I might need your help.” I looked back at the message string to see when I last sent this person a message. … Continued

Evaluating the Culture of leadership “So why did you leave your last job?” I asked my new client, an experienced CFO. “The CEO wanted me to lie to the Board,” he said. “The numbers weren’t looking good and he wanted me to get creative with them. I had to tell him I can’t do that.” … Continued

Executives who hold the title of “interim CEO” must compete effectively if they want to win the permanent role. compete to win the permanent role as interim cEO “The board asked me to be the interim CEO about 3 months ago,” she shared. “I agreed and let them know I would be interested in the … Continued

It takes time to find a new job. Successful candidates commit time on a regular basis to devote to their job search. This requires discipline to achieve day after day. Who helps you stay committed to your daily disciplines? Time commitment required to find new job “What kind of commitment are we talking about?” she … Continued

Physicians in most specialties find plenty of job openings. There are more opportunities than there are physicians to fill them. However, this is not the case in most major metro areas. Supply and demand is inverted so there are more candidates than there are jobs. Employers don’t need to advertise their positions as aggressively, if … Continued

Sometimes the need to negotiate your employment agreement lands in your lap unexpectedly. Do you know how to handle this situation on a moment’s notice? unexpected negotiating your employment agreement The boss calls you into the office and hands you some papers. “It’s been a tough year and we have to make some adjustments,” he … Continued

New executives often bring their key people with them to the new company. This can present challenges for a candidate as it likely means displacing someone else who currently works in that position. Executives who search as a team need expert guidance to address this. Job searching as an Executive team. “It’s a package deal,” … Continued

One of my clients is a finance executive who built a successful career in orchestrating big deals. He led a VC firm and started his own advisory practice. Recently a high net worth individual asked him to run a family office private equity firm. He earned that opportunity based on trust. He is a trusted … Continued

I book appointments to talk to interesting people all throughout the week. My job focuses on meeting lots of new people. I ask about their goals, needs and challenges. We explore together how to accomplish those. We connect our networks to open new doors. If it’s in the morning I am likely drinking coffee while … Continued

We advised a C.O.O. to turn down a job offer recently.  Do you know when to turn down a job offer? Knowing When to Turn Down Job Offer Sometimes, I advise clients to walk away and turn down a job offer. It sounds odd given our mission is to help our clients land a new … Continued