Candidates who send thank you cards after an interview earn valuable extra credit. This extra credit could be the difference maker in determining whether you win the job offer or receive a rejection letter. This article highlights the importance of sending thank you cards as well as emails. Additionally, it offers concrete action steps to … Continued

Recruiter Referrals There’s a secret to getting recruiters to call you for jobs that most people don’t know. Instead of asking your peers for information about job openings, ask them for recruiter referrals. What’s that? Recruiters typically reach out to their lists of qualified candidates asking if they are interested in their opportunity. When that … Continued

The Advantages Offered by Letters of Reference versus a contact sheet Written letters of reference provide candidates many advantages versus using a list of references with contact information. Letters of reference require more work on the part of the candidate but the return on the investment of time and effort is more than worth it. … Continued

Executives and professionals often struggle to manage their emotions during a job search. It’s lonely. You feel isolated. Your confidence takes a hit. There is no one to whom you can readily turn for guidance. The process of looking for a new job causes many emotions to surface. Executives and professionals who were previously strong, … Continued

Passed Over for the Promotion When you are passed over for the promotion as an executive, it’s important to assess your current situation. It might mean your time is coming soon on the next round. Maybe you’re too valuable in your current role. Or perhaps it means it’s time to look elsewhere. In all cases, … Continued

The 4 Reasons for Ageism Ageism in the job interview and hiring process affects most candidates after the age of 50. Why do employers exhibit ageism? Do they just dislike people over the age of 50? No, it has little or nothing to do with a personal dislike of older people. It has everything to … Continued

In visiting with thousands of executive and professional job seekers over many years, the Endeavor Agency team noted a pattern of predictable mistakes made time and again. These job seeker mistakes cost them dearly in lost opportunities, significant frustration, and likely millions of dollars in earnings. All of these are avoidable with the right guidance … Continued

Writing an Effective Cover Letter Writing cover letters can be challenging and frustrating for job seekers. Many will stare at the page not sure what to say, while others will end up writing a mini novel that takes up the full page and perhaps more. Effective cover letters need to be concise, convey your value … Continued

Struggling to network with recruiters? Want to get on their radar?   “A friend of mine has recruiters contacting her right and left,” our new client Amika related. “I can’t figure it out. Our backgrounds, qualifications, and experience are nearly identical, and I never hear from recruiters. What’s her secret?” It’s really not a secret. … Continued

Reasons Candidates Fail to Get Interviews There are many reasons candidates fail to get interviews. We speak with prospective clients every day who express their frustrations with the job search process. They need help with many steps of the process to gain an advantage in the marketplace. There is one specific part of the process … Continued

Have you started setting new goals for 2021? Here are 4 steps from our coaching workshops that can help to bring clarity to your goals, understand what’s driving them and succeed in achieving them. Step 1: Prepare Take Time to Make Time Give yourself an adequate amount of time to do the exercise. Most people … Continued

Finalist Interviews Require Different Tactics Executives who successfully reach the finalist round of an interview process achieve something special. Hundreds of qualified candidates apply for these positions. Only 25 candidates are invited to interview in round one, sometimes even fewer. After four or five rounds of interviews the field narrows to two. Unfortunately, the company … Continued

How to Win in the Current Job Market Job seekers are experiencing a lot of nervous energy about the job market considering the Covid-19 pandemic and the contentious election. While this is understandable, there are many good signs for executives actively looking for a job today. Here’s our perspective of the job market based on … Continued

Working from home presents many challenges. The structure and routine disappear from our normal office day. Add regimen to your days and wear the uniform to play the role. Generals love regimen, routine and uniform Generals love to wear their uniforms. The medals shine and reinforce the message to all those who follow what their … Continued

Big sudden changes thrust upon us offer a chance for meaningful change in our own lives. Will you seize the opportunity and make the most of it? GET the picture This picture spoke to me when I first saw it. Substitute one letter in the word “Change” and you get “Chance.” Big changes provide a … Continued

Executive coaching requires an investment of time. Many executives tell themselves constantly, “I don’t have time. I’m too busy.” Right now, most of us have more time on our hands than we like. Invest some of that time in executive coaching now and your career will only improve. Executive coaching is internally driven True executive … Continued