A recruiter friend of mine emailed a job spec for a search she was hired to complete

I laughed a bit when I read it because the level of detail for what the employer wanted was so high that there might only be a handful of people in the country who could possibly meet it.
Employers write job postings with superheroes in mind.
The candidate the employer ultimately hires is much more human. There’s no gene mutations involved or some strange doctor rounding up the misfits to train them to save humanity. It’s just talented humans who accomplish great things. But, we all have an inner superhero.
Show them your inner superhero during the interview process.
Many feel daunted by the job descriptions and choose not to apply when they are missing a few things on the long list. Don’t be dissuaded. Play to your strengths and let them see a glimpse of your cape. No need to talk about the debilitating effects of kryptonite.
Be the superhero version of you during your interview.
Hands on hips. Chin to the sky. Wind blowing the hair. Cue the music. Now go save humanity, or at least claim your new job.
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