A loved one is about to graduate

Maybe it’s bachelor’s degree. Perhaps it’s a master’s or other graduate degree. You have been there, supporting them, along the way. Kudos and congrats!
But their professional life is just beginning.
Want to give them a gift? How about something meaningful. Consider giving them professional help in finding their new job.
Most of them will struggle to find the job they truly want for the first few years. It has little or nothing to do with their abilities as a student. Rather, it has everything to do with their access to the market and their skills in communicating their value.
Reflect back to your own experience after graduating. Were you thoroughly prepared for the job market? Were you able to go immediately into the kind of work you wanted? Did you know how to negotiate your terms of employment?
The new grads who have professional guidance in starting their careers accelerate their growth by many years over their peers. While a piece of jewelry, or even a car, is a nice gift the one that will help them most is the one that will advance their career.
Our team has enjoyed helping not only high level accomplished executives but also new graduates. Let us know if we can help your new graduate.
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