A Diligent Career of Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work pays off over a long career

A lifetime and long career of hard work and diligence pays off. That was the big takeaway for me from this year’s Super Bowl.

Yes, I’m a huge Chiefs fan. I have been all my life and it was an exciting day for the entire Chiefs Kingdom. There was just as much excitement for one key person, Coach Andy Reid.

Patrick Mahomes shared in a post game interview that he tried to beat the coach into the office, or stay later to show his commitment. But Reid arrives at 3:15 AM and goes home at 11 PM most days, he said. Wow!

Throughout his career Reid has exhibited a commitment to excellence. My colleague, Jeff Harper, played defensive tackle at Mizzou when Andy Reid was the offensive line coach there. The stories he has shared about Reid’s coaching and focus on the details is inspiring. Those same kinds of stories have been shared by players and other coaches all week during this Super Bowl celebration.

Though he is one of the winningest head coaches of all time in the NFL, the championship eluded him for many years….until last night. The look on his face when hoisting the Lombardi trophy was priceless.

Hard work. Long hours. Perseverance. Never giving up, even when you’re behind. Those are the traits of a champion.

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