Proactively Network with Recruiters. Don’t Wait for Them to Find You.

network with Recruiters proactively

“A friend of mine has recruiters contacting her right and left,” our new client related. “I can’t figure it out. Our backgrounds, qualifications and experience are nearly identical and I never hear from recruiters. What’s the deal?”

“It could be a multitude of factors,” I replied. “If we assume all else is equal then I would say she has done something to get on their radar.”

“Ok. What is that?” she asked. “I want to do the same thing.”

I laughed. “Without knowing her specifics I would be guessing. However, there are many things you can do to increase your visibility to recruiters.”

We reworked her LinkedIn profile. Adjusted some settings that made her profile more visible to recruiters. Those were the quick and easy things that would draw passive attention.

The real work came next. Our team sent her a long list of executive recruiters, with their LinkedIn profile links, their email addresses and links to their company bios.

Every day she was to reach out to 30-50. Connect with them. Send an email of introduction. Register in their internal candidate database. It’s a lot of work but with our resources we helped shorten it considerably.

It took some time but the recruiters started calling. She finally landed her new job.

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