CHRO Client Referred Daughter for Job Search

A former client called some time ago. We helped her land a position as a Chief Human Resources Officer a few years earlier. “I have a referral for you,” she said.

“Wonderful!” I replied. “We always appreciate referrals. Who do you have in mind?” I thought she would say someone from her company. Maybe one of the executives was needing to find a new team and the company wanted to help them land on their feet. We get those kinds of referrals frequently.

“It’s my daughter,” the CHRO said. “She just went through a bad divorce and she and the kids are moving back to this area. I loved what your team did for me. Do you think you can help her?”

“Of course,” I said. She was a sharp professional with an MBA from a good school. There were plenty of marketable accomplishments. Her main challenge was answering the question, “why did you leave your last job and move suddenly?” She didn’t know how to answer the question without it opening a can of personal issues. There were a lot of emotions tied up and the answer never seemed to come out well.

We helped her craft a good narrative and kept it simple. It didn’t take long to land a great job. A short time after I received a nice email from her mom that just said, “thank you!”

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