Paint Yourself Into Their Picture in a Job Interview

Effective job interviews begin with asking great questions. Uncover their needs and challenges. Then, paint yourself into their picture as the solution for a happy ending to their story.

ouR Client’s Story

A client called me with some exciting news. “Remember that company where I interviewed about a month ago but the went with someone else,” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I think they had an internal candidate in mind for it, right?”

“Exactly,” she said. “They just called me and want to create a role for me. The CEO said she liked that I could tackle big problems and figure things out quickly. They have a couple of things they need help on right away.”

Sometimes jobs are not won, they are created. This client, an operations leader, spent time during the interview process asking great questions about their needs and challenges. Then she shared examples from her work where she tackled similar challenges and turned them around.

She effectively painted herself into their picture. The gears began to turn inside the heads of the senior leaders. They could envision a not too distant future where those challenges were no longer problems. Life would be better for them all because she came on board to help.

Ask great questions. See what keeps them up at night. Then, paint yourself into their picture as the solution they need.

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